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Roll of High Sheriffs of the Isle of Wight

"In 1965, when Earl Mountbatten retired as Chief of the Defence Staff, Queen Elizabeth II appointed him as Governor, Captain and Steward of the Isle of Wight in succession to the 7th Duke of Wellington. This preserved the close association of the Mountbatten family with this Island. In 1974 legislation to make changes in County administration led to the Isle of Wight, having been an independent administrative county since 1889, being granted full county status. Lord Mountbatten became its first Lord Lieutenant, combining it with his duties as Governor, Captain and Steward. He invited Sir John Nicholson to be his Vice Lord Lieutenant and delegated to him his duties as Custos Rotulorum. The Isle of Wight also then became eligible to have its own High Sheriff." - edited by the 4th Lord Mottistone.

1974-5 Lieutenant Colonel CRH Kindersley, DSO, MC, DL
1975-6 Rear Admiral JL Blackham, CB DL
1976-7 FRJ Britten Esq., CBE
1977-8 Air Commodore JM Birkin, CB, DSO, OBE, DFC, AFC, DL
1978-9 Major General Sir Robert Pigot Bt, CB, OBE, RM, DL
1979-80 EG Feben Esq.
1980-1 MStGS Clarke Esq.
1981-2 DF Peel Esq.
1982-3 WT Cooper Esq., JP, DL
1983-4 Major General OM Roome, CBE, DL
1984-5 Mrs DMC Roberts, JP
1985-6 V Gordon Walker Esq., DL
1986-7 AJ Sheldon Esq.
1987-8 HA Bowring Esq.
1988-9 RJ Westmore Esq.
1989-90 CDJ Bland Esq.
1990-1 HEC Noyes Esq.
1991-2 DF Campbell Esq., JP
1992-3 DEJ Guy Esq., MBE, JP, DL
1993-4 DBB Cheverton, Esq., OBE, DL
1994-5 MG Ball Esq., JP, DL
1995-6 JJW Attrill Esq.
1996-7 Mrs JA Griffin, JP, DL
1997-8 RL Bradbeer Esq.
1998-9 DC Biles Esq., MBE
1999-2000 SHG Twining Esq., LVO, OBE, DL
2000-1 Dr CAN Mobbs
2001-2 Captain HNJ Wrigley
2002-3 Mrs APP Springman
2003-4 Mrs JK Hammer
2004-5 AH Goddard Esq.
2005-6 Lieutenant Colonel JH Fisher, MBE, DL
2006-7 PMGB Grimaldi Esq., FRCS, DL
2007-8 Lieutenant Colonel DE Langford, DL
2008-9 AF Titchmarch Esq., MBE, VMH, DL
2009-10 Mrs GAL Edwards
2010-11 PD Kingston Esq., DL FRICS
2011-12 Mrs S Sheldon [in nomination]
2012-13 N Hayward Esq. [in nomination]

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