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Best Box Mod in the UK – Smok Scar-18

What is a box mod?

Box mod vapes are usually bigger compared to other vaporizers we have around. They are called box mod because of their box-like shape. Because of its great compatibility level, box mods allow users to interchange different types of batteries, atomizers, and tanks. If what you desire a custom vape, the box mod is a perfect choice for you.

The box mod works similarly with other vaporizers. This vape kit features a battery inside of a separate atomizer, attached to the box mod. The battery in the device heats the coil. When the coil is heated, the device creates a vapor that the user will inhale.

Benefits of box mod vaporizers

Recently, the number of vapers that are switching over to box mod vaporizers is constantly increasing. Box mods are storming the vaping communities all over the world. The popular question is why these box mods are so prevalent? It’s simple! Consider the below-listed benefits to answer your questions.


Beyond doubt, one of the highest points of box mod vaporizers is the superb temperature control. Generally, traditional vaporizers do not permit user control over temperature. Some vapers with traditional vaporizers are mostly confused about the temperature at which they are vaping.

The ability to control temperature is a fantastic feature that gives vapers a remarkable vaping experience. The dry hit is potentially the most dangerous element of vaping. Box mods are designed to solve the dry hit problem and enhance a smoother vape.


A vaping device’s battery life is absolutely a major concern for vapers who enjoy vaping for longer hours. Box mods are much more popular in the world of vapers because of the special feature. Battery life on a vaporizer is important for people who are newly switching to vaping from smoking. Long, quality battery life gives users the confidence that they cannot have a dead battery. This means that they would not develop the craving to go back to smoking.


Wattage control is one of the great benefits that box mods offer. With wattage control, you can have a custom vaping options and enable you to ascertain how much vapor you get per hit, how much of throat hit you achieve, and how your flavor tastes.


If you are vaping with Box mod vaporizer, you can attach it with a sub-ohm atomizer to allow you vape with a resistance level that is less than 1 ohm. This will also allow you to blow out huge clouds of vapor.

SMOK SCAR-18 230W Starter Kit

The UK SMOK SCAR-18 230W Starter Kit is an IP67 rated mod. It features a 1-230W range, exquisite form factor, and comes in a bundle with the SMOK TFV9 Sub-Ohm Tank. The device maintains a wattage output range of 10-230W. The SCAR-18 Mod is designed in a unique size measuring 88mm by 54mm by 30.6mm. It utilizes a proprietary chipset kept within a zinc-alloy chassis molded into an exquisite form factor. It features a resistance range of 0.10-2.5ohm for VW mode and 0.05-2.00ohm for TC mode. Its temperature range falls between 200°F-600°F and 100°-315°C. Other benefiting features of this device include shock, dust, and waterproof. Single firing button, 0.96” TFT display screen, intelligent Atomizer Recognition, Puff monitoring system, Short-circuit protection, over-heating protection, low battery warning, and MicroUSB.

Paired with the SMOK TFV9 Sub-Ohm Tank, the SMOK SCAR-18 230W Starter Kit is an exemplary kit within every vape collection. The SMOK SCAR 18 Starter Kit has the capacity to output vapor consistently when outfitted with a dual high amp 18650 battery bay,


The Aspire Nautilus Prime Pod Kit is available manufactured in a variety of beautiful colors and styles, including Fluid 7-Color, Fluid Red, Fluid Blue, Fluid Gold, Fluid Black White, Red Stabilizing Wood, Green Stabilizing Wood, and Black. The packaging contains the SCAR-18Mod, 1 x 5ml TFV9 Tank, 2 x 0.15ohm V9 Meshed coil, 1 x replacement glass, 1 x USB cable, and user manual.


  1. Are Box Mods better than vape pens?Box mods more durable, bulk and solid that vape pens, but offering more decent flavor and vapour. Vape pens are less durable, they’re smaller, lighter, easier to use.
  2. What is a mod for Vaping?Vape Mods are larger devices than e-cigarettes, providing high vapor production with many advanced features.
  3. What is included in a vape kit?Most vape kits include vaporiser mod with an integrated battery, along with all the necessary components to get you started – one or two coils, a vape tank or pod, USB charging cable and spare parts.