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High End Pod Mod – Geekvape Aegis Boost Plus

The UK Geekvape Aegis boost plus is an upgraded version of the recently produced Aegis boost pod mod which was regarded as the mighty pod mod.

If you are quite familiar with the Aegis line of products, you’ll know that only vapers that are looking to enjoy an amazing vaping experience go for Aegis products.

Geekvape Aegis Boost Plus Overview

Aegis boost plus pod mod is a high-quality pod mod with a skeleton metal frame. This pod mod also has an original silicon body and a leather grip. It is all you need to notch up your vape life.

The boost plus unlike other AIO pod devices is 50mm deep, 114mm tall, and 29mm wide. This makes it a bigger marginally. However, this doesn’t also mean that it won’t fit nicely in your pocket because it is also very portable. It has a 18650 battery installed and it weighs only 180gram with a full pod.

Subsequently, the Geekvape boost plus is the- now standard- for an Aegis IP67 rating. What this means is that this device unlike others have been upgraded and has dustproof, shockproof, and waterproof. It is for classy vapers!

Moreover, the boost plus Geekvape has a fire button that looks like a trigger. It doesn’t have any button rattle; it clicks easily and is also very responsive. The buttons above and below also share this feature.

Furthermore, at the side of this device lies a micro USB port which is covered by a silicone stopper to make sure water doesn’t get in.

This quality pod mod comes with two 510 drip tips. The drip tip that is pre-installed is flat and has a shape similar to the bill of a duck. The other drip tip is circular and has a standard shape. Due to the fact that they both have a 510 mouthpiece size, you can effortlessly switch them out for your drip tip.

One of the changes you’ll notice between the original boost and the boost plus is the structure of the battery. In the boost plus, it was removed to allow you to fit it in a single 18650 battery.

At the bottom of the Geekvape boost plus pod mod, there is a cap with a circular shape. It can be screwed and unscrewed and it allows you to insert your battery. Besides, it also has a little flip-out handle that you can use to turn the cap. Although, the door is a bit tight when trying to tighten or remove but this was installed purposely also to stop water from getting in.

However, the mighty boost plus Geekvape features the same AS chipset used in the previous original boost. This safely allows the device to fire between 5-40W. The boost plus pod mode can also be switched to TC-SS for stainless steel coils or temperature control, Bypass mode to stimulate a pseudo-mesh that allows you vape directly from the voltage of the battery, VPC for your setting your variable power curve and TC-TCR to safely vape coils made from other compatible resistance wire.

Peradventure you are uncertain about the amount of e-liquid the pod holds, it is 5.5mls and you can fill it easily by unplugging the rubber bug installed at the top.

The boost plus Geekvape pod mod is the answer to all your vaping needs. So, get yourself one today to vape like never before!


  1. What’s the differences between box mods and pod mods? They are different in size, power consumption, price, and even type of e-liquid used. Box mods feature box-shaped vapes that apply sub-ohm tank to provide more powerful and flavorful vaping experience. Pod mods are sleek, stylish, and suitable for vapers who practice an on-the-go lifestyle. They are superior to conventional e-cig and vape pens but use lesser power and low resistance coils, and are less hassle than box mods.
  2. Are pod Vapes better? Pods are more suitable for vapers who tend to quit cigarettes. The best vape pod mods feature lighter weight than a mod, but offering a similar experience to smoking a cigarette.
  3. What is a pod vape? A pod vape is consist of a pod filled with vape juice that snaps into a small battery. A pod vape is available in pre-filled or refillable designs.